The Craft of Video Making

The Craft of Video Making

The craft of video making is simple and unique. Instead of using real videos and small animations the craft of video making a Cuillin Craft style video uses hand drawn images. For example if it’s a weather report, the person will be shot separately and the background will be simple handcrafted crayon or pencil illustrations of sun, rain and cloud.

The craft of video making using Cuillin Craft is designed and monitored by a group of professional people with good experience in viral video making. The Cuillin Collective produces great viral videos for clients with various requirements. They use industry standard Apple and Adobe tools to create specialized hand craft videos.
These hand craft illustrations make the videos much more attractive than the usual high graphical backgrounds. The craft of video making in The Cuillin Collective has become an instant hit because of this unique style. There are so many different varieties of handcraft illustrations like the white board method, common hand craft method and other customised methods.

The craft of video making in The Cuillin Collective uses all these methods to produce attractive videos. They have created so many videos using this hand craft illustrations. Some videos feature only free hand drawings changed frequently with a hand, while other features a video of a person speaking with the images of hand drawn objects in background.
Some videos feature animated hand craft illustrations flying around the person in the video too. White board hand craft illustrations are also created for corporate and business needs. In short, the craft of video making makes use of all possible standard technologies to make the video attractive, distinct and presentable.

The Cuillin Collective specialises in producing viral videos using handcraft illustrations. These videos have earned a lot of visits for numerous websites and increased the sales of numerous products. The Cuillin Collective has established itself as one of the greatest companies for shooting and creating viral hand craft videos.

The craft of video making from The Cuillin Collective has inspired so many others to create similar videos. But the craft of video making in The Cuillin Collective is unique and can be executed professionally only by professionals at The Cuillin Collective.

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