Hand Craft Videos

Hand Craft Videos

Many of us would wonder what hand craft videos are. Hand craft videos use small child like drawings of objects drawn on a white sheet using crayons or pencils to deliver the message. These images would be placed continuously on a video delivering the message. Sometimes they will be animated. Sometimes they are just bits of papers placed by a hand one after another.

Hand crafted illustrations occur as background or around the actual video of a person speaking as shown in weather reports commonly. Apart from that they are used for various other forms of animations also. For example in hand craft videos featuring a tooth paste, we can see so many small drawings of teeth, cavities and tooth brushes scribbled in a childish format.

These animations can be seen swirling around the baby or babe in the advertisement or appear one by one in the background. Every one of us would have come across one or other hand craft videos like this. But we would’t have noticed much about it. Many of them would have thought it as another form of graphics. This format of videos featuring hand craft illustrations are known as hand craft videos.

We have very few companies specializing in shooting this style of hand craft videos. The team capable of shooting hand craft videos should have excellent graphic artists capable of recreating day to day images in a childish scribble. The team should be experienced in building a script suitable to use the hand crafted illustrations appropriately in the video.

They should also have the right technology to mix the real time video and the animated hand illustrations together to give a realistic and attractive effect. Hence many companies don’t choose to create these type of graphics. They try to use simple flash graphics instead. The Cuillin Collective is an excellent company which excels in shooting hand craft videos.

They produce excellent videos which catch the attention of the user very easily and market them widely and efficiently to earn maximum business to the client. Their videos make sure the required website gets lot of traffic through them.

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