Explainer Videos

So you have your business and your website is set up? And you want to push your business further online, to reach more potential clients? And you’ve decided that the best way to do this is an explainer video? Job done, right? Wrong! Your next few decisions will really define how well the video will do for your business, in turn defining just how well your business itself does.

There are a number of things you will need to consider when making this decision, as there is quite a lot of choice out there. It is important to take your time and really see what your options are in terms of style, pricing, completion time and so on.

Here at The Cuillin Collective, we have our own style; we like it and our customers like it. There are other companies out there who have a specific style too, so you should take some time to see what different styles are available to your business. It is very important to do this rather than just going for a video from the first explainer video company you see. Read reviews, speak to companies, get quotes and get a feel for what the explainer video business is like too. When you speak to the companies, find out what their time scales are like, can they deliver your explainer video within the time you need it?

Everyone has their own price band, so you need to research these in accordance with your budget. Be sure that you get what you pay for and not anything less. Our videos start at £500, other companies start at $2500, and there are two reasons for this – firstly the style of video we offer, and secondly, we want to continue to be the highest quality explainer video company out there, who can also appeal to start-up companies. If you make your choice wisely, you will see the benefits in your video.

Ultimately, it is important that you end up with the style of explainer video that you want for your business, on time and within budget.

We offer Paper Craft, Digicraft and Cuillin Craft explainer video