Custom Made Craft Videos

Custom Made Craft Videos

Custom made craft videos are created for specific organisations to explain their goals and products. The best examples are power saving videos and financial custom made craft videos.

What are custom made craft videos?

Custom made craft videos are the ones designed specifically to explain a specific product like software or a concept.
The video is made of small illustrations drawn by hand. These small figures are scattered and rearranged with a suitable audio message at the background. Custom made craft videos usually do not feature a person. It usually uses a human hand arranging the various bits and pieces of the hand crafted illustrations.

There are certain types of custom made craft videos which actually feature a person talking to us. The animations will be presented at the background. The person on the video will be explaining about it showing the animations. This is usually referred to as white board video.

What are the uses of custom made craft videos?

Custom made craft videos pass on the necessary message in a simple format. Pictorial representation of any concept is much easier to understand than a normal one. The best way to show pictures in videos is through hand craft images. These images look like simple child drawings. But these simple boxes and circles can be used to explain complex technologies like beginning of space, aircraft engineering and so on.
This is the best way to explain about a product. If you want to explain about a product in a simple video a person should show literally how to use it accompanied by lot of explanation. But look at the example video above which explains about Microsoft’s Share Point software. It does so in the simplest way such that even a child could understand what the use of the software is.

Such is the power of a good custom made hand craft video. But it takes lot of tedious work and planning to make it as simple as it looks. Hence companies making such videos are hard to find. One such company making excellent custom craft videos is The Cuillin Collective.