Common Ways To Promote Your Site Using Video

Common ways to promote your site using video

Common videos are becoming a best way to promote websites. Any website can be promoted in a short period and budget using attractive common videos. There are so many ways to promote your website. One of the easiest and really useful ways is to do it through suitable videos.

Videos attract people much more than banners and flash advertisements. Leave alone the high buffer time, bad sound, clarity problems and numerous other shortcomings. Common videos still play a major role in promoting websites or any products actually.

Here are the best 5 ways to promote your website through common videos shot at low budget.

Prepare a great video first. Have a proper script or theme for the video. Make is as funny and catching as possible. Always make sure it is shot is proper High Definition camera and has good sound clarity. Try keeping the length of the video short (10 minutes Max).

Once a good video is created, show it to your friends, colleagues, neighbors, customers and various people. Check their reaction. Get their feedback. Make changes if necessary. This will basically help you know if your video is boring or it makes the people sit.

The video should have pre-roll, mid roll and post-roll slides with your website name in it. Make sure the person speaking on the background mention the website name fully and clearly at least three times in a ten minutes video. Let there be a permanent banner at the bottom of the video with the website name.

Common videos are good to watch if they are displayed in appropriate places. So make sure you display them in all related pages. If your website is about kids dresses, it should feature in all the pages showing kids accessories, search engines etc.

Common videos can be displayed in internet, huge malls, outside kid’s schools, daycares, parks and all possible places where you can get the attention of the kids. All this will help you promote the website a lot. If these common videos are shown in Television, your website is likely to get even more clicks. Common videos are definitely a great way to promote your website.