Common Video Style

Common Video Style

Using a specific video style to market a specific product is no longer enough in the modern world. A product launch video style can be used while the product is introduced. It should be followed by various product review videos to attract the people’s attraction, and instructional videos to create awareness among public about usage of the product. Suitable commercial and infomercial video style should be used to market the product further.

Product Launch Video

Product launch video style is created when the product is introduced. These videos are a combination of voice over and video add and documentary styles. They should highlight all the benefits of the products, say how it is better than other products in the market and explain the special features of the product in a brief way. These videos are usually 10 to 15 minutes long.

Product Review Video

Presenting the review of the product in reliable review websites will help a lot to promote the product. The review should be truthful and highlight the good features of the product, along with a few minor faults to make the video look genuine. Such videos can be shot by the company itself or by reliable video makers who estimate the actual quality of the product using experts, on the request of the company. CNET Reviews page is a good example for such videos.

Instructional Videos

Instructional video style is a way of marketing the product indirectly. Such videos give general information to the user, and promote the product without forcing the user to buy it. There are so many videos on YouTube tutoring how to keep your house clean or repair your car easily.

They will use a certain tool or equipment to make cleaning sound as easy as eating a candy. A small video add will promote a particular cleaning lotion or duster machine at the end. The user will be automatically tempted to buy the product without much persuasion.

Commercials and Infomercials

This video style is used mainly for marketing. Commercial video style is similar to actual TV add. Infomercial video style is used to explain the products in a more attractive and detailed format. It is used in both TV’s as well as websites.