Common Hand Craft Style Videos

The ability to pass along complex ideas and information is becoming increasingly common through the use of video on the web. The trick is to create a video that is both fun and educational as well as instructional and SEO friendly. But how do you do that?
Well, we would like to introduce you to the newest video craft. The simple, hand crafted explanation video.
Our simple hand crafted explanation videos are all created individually to fit your needs in a fun and informative way.
Complex or common concepts and difficult to vocalise ideas can all be made crystal clear by using The Cuillin Collective.

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Do you…..
….need your employees to quickly understand new company policies or a new piece of equipment?
….need your new customers to understand how your system or product works? Well, let us create you one of our simple hand craft explanation videos.

Complex or common concepts and difficult to vocalise ideas can all be made crystal clear. Do you need your employees to quickly understand new company policies or a new piece of equipment? Well, let us craft you one of our simple Common Hand Craft or Cuillin Craft style explanatory videos.

What exactly is a Hand Craft Video?

Well, the Cuillin Craft video or the more popular Hand Craft style videos are both explanation videos created using simple cut out drawings and an easy to understand language. The hand craft style videos do differ from the Cuillin Craft style however.
The Cuillin Craft style of video incorporates a clean and basic view of the real world.
The Cuillin Craft explanation video uses real life video as the backdrop with illustrated characters in the foreground, while the hand craft videos are created using illustrations…..and that’s it. Both have the same effects but both are very different in style.

During our initial conversation we discuss all the options with you. We want you to get the video that you actually need. We’re not hear to sell a specific style to you or for that matter, a video at all. We’re not that type of company. It’s more and more common for web video companies to sell you something that you don’t need. Simply said, that’s not us! We want you to make the right decision. If you want a video, then great, but if not, we’ll not pressurise you.

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So, if you do want a video…….

With the Hand Craft explanation videos becoming more and more common it’s easy to find a company online that will try and create this style of video. So why choose us? Well, we are 20 times less expensive than some of our competitors (this is actually true btw) and we offer a much higher standard of video. Of course we’ll say this though. Well, we’ve made over 200 hand craft video in the last 12 months, and each and everyone of them is awesome! And we’ve had nothing but great reviews. Why not click here to view some of our reviews. Also, if you’d like to speak with any of our past clients then why not let us know, and we’ll put you in touch.

Because we are a small, but growing, company, this allows us to really take the time and effort to craft each and every custom made explanation video exactly the way you want it. No handing down your video to somebody else to create. Myself, Marc, and my wife Ailsa create these videos ourselves. Ailsa is the illustrator and I shoot and edit the videos. The only thing we outsource, is our voice overs. Because simply put, “We canny speak wae an American accent!”

We at The Cuillin Collective are dedicated to offering our clients the very best in innovative styles and technologies coupled with the personalised one on one service often missing today. If you are interested in one of our simple custom made Hand Craft or Cuillin Craft style explanation videos then please feel free to contact us or use the live help button over there on the left. Both Ailsa and I are looking forward to speaking with you!