Animated Marketing Videos

Animated marketing videos are fantastic for explaining a concept or a product in an interesting and engaging way. For a long time we’ve been marketing our animated marketing videos as explainer videos. Although this is what they do, we’ve never really questioned, from a sales perspective, why we need to explain things. Why, when landing on a website should we understand what it is we are looking at? Surely, we’ve landed on that specific page because we’ve just found what we needed. In a way yes, and don’t call me Shirley.

With my experience, when I have an issue, I search online for an answer. I pick something off the first page and then I start reading. If I don’t understand the content explanation of the product then I just leave and find another site. The moment I know the product that I have found is the solution for me, I buy it. Mainly, because I need it and it suits what I need. Now, back to that first website I checked. That product probably did the same thing, but because I didn’t understand it fully I went somewhere else. This is why I needed a clear explanation.

These animated explainer videos are simply explaining a concept so the viewer understands what it is they are buying or signing up to. They are actually the perfect tool for marketing. I like to think that marketing is the GPS from the person to the sale. There are many different routes you can go down, but everyone wants the quickest and easiest road to the sale. The business wants a quick sale and the consumer wants a quick solution.

Using an animated marketing video can do this. It can explain the concept clearly and assist with the sale. This is what we do here at The Cuillin Collective. We don’t just animate and market, we convert your traffic into a customer because we market your product the way it should be marketed using one of our animated marketing videos.

Next time you land on a page take note of what you are looking for and if you leave simply because you can’t figure out what they do or if the website can actually help you then let them know that they need an animated marketing video form the Cuillin Collective. Make your life and their life much easier.


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