Are Explainer Videos Still Effective?

We started making explainers back in 2009 before the big explainer video boom. So, we’ve watched the market grow and grow, and grow some more. It’s now saturated with lots and lots of companies simply trying to cash in in the newest thing. This has led us to lots of poor quality explainers. There are so many companies out there that we’ve had two contacts this week alone asking us if we were interested in having an explainer video made. How ridiculous is that? Do these marketeers even check out the websites of the companies they are calling? They just don’t care. So no, most explainers are not effective.

To make an explainer video, you really need to care about the story that you are telling. if not, then how can you persuade the viewer to connect with it?

So, are explainer videos still effective? Yes is the simple answer. But please make sure that you pick the correct company to make them for you. A company that is exploring new avenues of explanation. Because a company that doesn’t care about that is a company that doesn’t care about your needs. If they can’t look after their own and all that.

We believe that the next step in explainer videos is using poetry to explain the concept. Here are two examples

Do these sound good to you? They are different, very easy to understand and fun to watch. That’s what makes us different here at The Cuillin Collective. We ensure that the explainer video is still effective.

Want your own explainer video? Then get in touch with the ONLY company offering these.

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