AMANO Tongue Cleanser

I am very excited to be able to share this with you, our readers. It has been in my head for months. In fact, it was just before Christmas, 2013 when I first spoke to Mano, our lovely client. Ok, before I continue, I will always be biased of somebody that sends me 6 bottles of his favourite wine for simply doing our job but Mano really was an outstanding customer. The reason for the delayed post is simply because the product had not launched yet. So I’ve had to wait, like a kid at Christmas, to show you these two outstanding videos.

This first video is their general explanation video which talks about all the different uses for the Amano Tongue Cleanser. It includes a 2001/Star Wars-esque opening sequence and a few ‘celebs’ on the way. I really hope you enjoy.

I’m always certain that we make our best videos when we are left to use our creativity alongside the clients passion for their product. It’s what works, and always will work. So, without further ado, here is what is now (and probably always will be) my favourite explanation video. It’s simple, amusing and above all doesn’t take itself too seriously. And of course, Rosko’s voiceover is absolutely perfect.

Well, there we have it. 2 explanation videos that have made it to a blog post. Both for the same company as well. I don’t often ask for comments but it would be great to hear your thoughts on these. Did you like them? What did you like about them? Did they make you laugh?

Thanks to all that support us, recommend us and generally follow what we do. If not for you, then we wouldn’t have a business (but that’s another blog post for another day).


Marc, Ailsa and Helen.

One Comment on “AMANO Tongue Cleanser”

  1. Great stuff, Marc, Ailsa & Helen! There’s alot to be proud of here. Thanks for the look-see! 🙂 Explainer Vids are the way forward and if you ever need an American female Voice Over Talent, I’d love to be in your stable!

    All The Best,

    Debby Barnes

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