Affordable Explanatory Videos

Let’s be honest about this, this is our forte. Affordable explanatory videos are so important to us here at The Cuillin Collective and if they aren’t so already, they soon will be to you. If this is your first experience of explanation videos, then just click here to see an example of one of our affordable explanatory videos.

You want your business and the product or service you sell to be explained in a compelling, simple yet stylish and all together effective way? Then affordable explanatory videos are just what you need!

The use of video on the web to share complex ideas and information is becoming increasingly common. The hard part is creating a video which is fun and informative but also SEO friendly. This is where we at The Cuillin Collective come in; we create affordable explanatory videos.

A simple hand crafted explanation video from The Cuillin Collective is created by Marc and Ailsa to meet your needs and wants in a fun and informative way. We pride ourselves on making complex or common concepts – which may be difficult to vocalise – crystal clear by using our affordable explanatory videos.

Marc and Ailsa own, run and manage The Cuillin Collective and each and every one of our projects. By doing this, it not only allows us to have full control over the quality of each piece of our work, it also makes it a much more cost effective way of running our business. Being more cost affective means savings, savings which are passed on to our clients and reflected in our pricing structures.

What is more, if you are thinking of using The Cuillin Collective for your affordable explanatory videos, you need not worry where in the world you are. We use free online services Skype and Google Docs to efficiently manage our projects and dealings with our lovely clients all around the world.

The process is simple and pain free; we will have an initial chat with you to get a feel for your business and decide on any important points you want to mention, then Marc will write draft 1 of the script on Google Docs, to which you can provide feedback. Once this is done, we adjust the script and pop in the illustration ideas for the video and again invite you to provide feedback. Ailsa then illustrates the video and again you will be asked to feedback any ideas. After those few steps, Marc and Ailsa get to shooting and editing the video, at which point we are ready to provide you with the end product; one of our affordable explanatory videos.

To discuss your options, please contact us here right away, we love to chat!