4K Explainer Video

Technology is moving forward constantly and it’s important to keep up to date with this. This is why we are now offering our 4K explainer video option. But, what is 4K? Well, this article here on Wikipedia shows you what 4K is like compared to standard HD. The difference is huge. I’m sure you still think that we are in the HD revolution, but in reality, we barely started even started it.

You may have noticed when watching new movie trailers on YouTube, that 4K viewing is now an option. Below you’ll see the new trailer for the final Hobbit movie. Simply click on the little cog on the right and click on 2160P.

But why use a 4K explainer video? The same reason you should use a high definition video over a standard definition video. How many times has your Netflix decided to stream with giant pixels instead of playing in HD? It’s frustrating isn’t it? We all want to view video in the best quality possible.

We get asked a lot of repeat questions when we discuss projects and one of them is always, “How future proof is an explainer video?” We believe they are future proofed until the business model changes. Now we can be even more confident of this answer.

4K Explainer VideoJust now, we are only offering our Digicraft explainer videos in 4K and even then, they will be an option. As far as I’m aware, no other explainer video production company is offering this 4K explainer video service. I believe this is because the videos will take an age to render which means they can take on less projects. So why are we doing it? We are fortunate enough to work from our home which benefits us and our clients because we have less overheads meaning our clients pay less. But why would working form home mean we can offer 4K explainer videos? Because, when we finish, we don’t really finish. We can set our computers to render (after work) whilst we have dinner, watch a movie, go out for a walk etc and if any changes need to be made, we simply jump back on the computer, make the change and render again. Put simply, we have a workflow (and work ethic) that works.

So, if you want a 4K explainer video then you’ve come to the one and only place you can get them, (Nov 2014) the Cuillin Collective

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