I thought I would round up 2015 with a little blog post on what we’ve been up to. It’s been a busy year. To the point where I’ve not written as much as I’d should have.

Let me start at the end. I was asked to go to St. Kilda to make a short video. However, this wasn’t the eventful part. To get there I needed to take a helicopter and by taking the helicopter, I had to get myself a HUET certificate. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when the throw you into a pretend chopper, strap you in, dip you into a swimming pool and flip you upside down…..7 times. It’s a terrifying as it sounds. I’ve embedded a video below (this isn’t me, just a demo of what it is)

Despite feeling like I’ve been buried alive 7 times I got my certificate and free scarf and headed of to St. Kilda. For all of 90 minutes but it was worth it. An amazing place to visit and spend some time. If you get the chance, go by boat from Uig.

The next notable experience this year was working with Lakeland. The marketing team contacted us asking for a film to work in conjunction with their new booklet. We were all ecstatic to be working with such a well known brand. Scary at first but the team at Lakeland knew what they wanted which is a big deal (ask anyone in the film production industry). It was the first time that Ailsa, Helen and myself had worked together as closely as we did which was a big deal. We also got to learn some new skills, eg. roto-scoping, motion tracking, and a few animation techniques we’d never used before. The film forced us to learn lots to new things that we can take into all future films. I cannot show off this film just yet as it’s not been shown to the Lakeland staff. But as soon as it’s live, I’ll paste the link here.

A video we can show, is one that Helen animated for a company called Rekko. Was great fun to shoot and I’m sure it was a blast to edit/animate.

I’d like to be able to create a 2015 showreel really show you what we’ve done, but we just don’t have the time. So this blog will need to do.

And that’s it. My favourite bits from the year. Our updated portfolio is fully updated if you fancy a look.

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