FS7 II Competition

I never get time to work on my own projects because there is literally no time to do it. Arranging actors, locations, scripts, editing etc alongside juggling work and family life. So, I tend to just not create anything personal which is a constant niggle to me.

Thankfully, I read online that Philip Bloom was judging the Sony FS7 ii competition so I got to work on a one minute documentary.

For the past 3 years we've lived with a pet lamb in our garden. Her name is Uan. Uan was 1/3 of a triplet. Meaning her mother couldn't produce enough milk to feed all 3. So, she spent the first few months of her life in our office. Baa-ing away in the background during work calls and voice overs. It wasn't ideal but was great fun. The whole team have become quite attached to her.


Whilst growing up, Uan and Buddy have been the best of friends. Playing, chasing the cat together etc. The perfect match. With their many activities together, I've been filming them on my phone. Not really intending to do anything with it. This is why this makes it so much more special to me. I love that it's got shaky iPhone footage and my voice over. It's what makes it real. I sometimes get bogged down on what I'm shooting with, what Steadicams I could use, what lenses should I use instead of just telling a story.

I hope you enjoy my effort and my first personal project in 4 years.

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