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What exactly is an Explanation Video?

Well, what is an explanation video? Let me explain....That’s right. It’s just like that.

An explanation video from The Cuillin Collective will take your concept and make it easily understandable to your customers and target audience.

Whether you are on a remote Scottish island like ourselves or based in Outer Mongolia there is no need to worry; we successfully work with clients from all around the world, stress free. We use Skype and Google Docs to work efficiently on all of our projects, both of which are free online services.

You may be wondering - how does it all work? Well, we start by having a conversation with you, our lovely customer. You tell us what your product or service is and we brainstorm with you to decide how we can make your video come across exactly as you want it. Everybody has their own ideas, so we listen to those ideas, offer suggestions and then successfully incorporate them into your explanation video.

We're firm believers in making this process as quick and as pain free as possible but without compromising on quality in any way. You can see that for yourself when watching one of our many samples, our videos are the best, most affordable and yet effective, that you can find on the internet today.*

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How are Explanation Videos created?

Well, once you've filled in our questionnaire and paid your deposit, Tess (our talented and lovely script writer) creates the first draft of the script on Google Docs which we will then share with you. After we've revised the scripts with you to make sure you are 100% happy, we then write the illustration directions to compliment the words.

Next up, we illustrate; all of our illustrations are created by our in house design team Ailsa and Helen - for the hand crafted explanation video we use hand drawn illustrations and for the DigiCraft explanation video, Ailsa illustrates them using Adobe Illustrator. Once all of this has been viewed and approve by your good self, we shoot and then edit the videos. Once the first draft has been uploaded and viewed we then make any desired changes that fit into the allowances. And that's it really. Nice and simple!

Now on to timescales. We work on a first-come, first-serve basis so it's important not to delay if you are in a rush for your video. Once we begin your video there is a 3 week turnaround time. We always start with scripts on a Monday so we ask for the questionnaire to be filled in by the Friday beforehand. Next up, the big question - How much does explanation video cost from The Cuillin Collective? Here is a link to our explanation video portfolio, our most up to date prices and some further information.

If you'd like to learn more or discuss your own ideas, then why not click on the live chat or contact us by using the form below.

*The source of this fact was made up by Marc Smith while writing this page


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