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Stop Motion Web Advert

Sometimes a client comes along that totally trusts you. It’s a nice feeling. In this case, it was Daniel from Custom Mobile Apps in Australia. We’d never met, never even spoken before but he trusted us to make an advert for a new App. That’s what I love about my job. It allows Ailsa and I to ‘meet’ and work with some amazing people from all around the world.

I’d been regularly moaning at Helen about how I used to make something other than paper craft explainer videos. So I was desperate to show her what my job used to be like. It was real fun. In fact it was a bit like play time for Ailsa and myself.

Here is one we made for SunglassesUK. Our client Jonny just left us too it. He might have regretted it though 🙂


We’ve been so engrossed in our explainer videos over the past 3 years we’ve forgotten to advertise our viral video production services. But not anymore though. I’ve got the filmmaking itch back and I’m going to make sure I scratch it!

This web advert was for an App called PaintMyPlace which allows you to paint your house using your phone. It’s very useful if you’re going to be renovating your property and want to test out a few colours.

Now, as you all know. Ailsa and I work day about so we can look after our 1 year old twin boys. But luckily we have Helen working with us now so it was down to us to produce this advert. This was the first big project that Helen had been involved in. She found it a little odd that part of the job was watching other online videos to see if something sparks off in the brain. It really does work!

I’ve long been a fan of Rhett & Link on YouTube. So I showed her the T-Shirt War video they made a few years ago.


Amazing. Stop motion it was then. I understand the basic principles of stop motion but had never made a live stop motion advert before. So I watched a lot of how to videos and realised one thing. It’s was going to be hard! But with the right planning everything should be fine.

The timing was the most difficult part to get my head around. Because we were animating the video to music everything had to be frame accurate. It may sound simple, but trust me, it isn’t.

The biggest shot was definitely the logo. It took Helen 7 and a half hours to paint. But why did we paint it in full first and not frame by frame? Well, we cheated. We (when I say we I mean Helen) painted the logo first so we could paint it out frame by frame and then reverse for the final shot. This ensured that the logo was 100% accurate because if you didn't’ recognise the logo then the video would’ve ended on a low note. And we can’t have that!

I’ve made a very short video for you all to see how some of the shots were created. I hope you like.


Marc-for-WHFPThe thought bubble is still on our wall. The truth is, I can’t bring myself to paint it out. I just don’t just feel like I can. I’m not sure why. This video isn’t just another advert or attempt to make a living for The Cuillin Collective. It’s something that we created. It started off as a thought and despite the complexity we made it work.

In the past few years of business we’ve made well over 750 videos, all of which I’m extremely proud of. But this video holds a very special place in my heart and I want to be reminded of it every day. Nothing is impossible! So if you’re ever visiting Elgol, look out for the wall with the thought bubble on it because I think it will always be there. (I’ve not told Ailsa yet so this may change)

What did you think of the final video?

Web Viral

Web Viral

Web viral. Those are the two words marketing experts recognize as the future of internet marketing. Any internet marketer or online businessman who know what he’s doing will understand the amazing advantages of using videos, especially when it comes promoting a website, product, or service.

You too can reap the benefits of web viral videos, and all it takes is some creativity—make that a lot of creativity—and tech savvy to create the next viral hit.

Like most advertising materials, internet videos still require an idea or concept to begin with. Web viral videos are essentially a combination of articles, product information, and sales write-ups, all rolled into a format that makes use of virtual characters. The best videos don’t contain lame scrolling text; they look professional and convey a message that catches your attention, and keeps it for the next few seconds.

Web viral videos however, don’t necessarily have to be flashy with cool effects and whatnot. If you check out the videos on YouTube that get a large number of hits, you’ll notice that they look pretty simple. They’re just extremely creative, and above all, unique.

However, these web viral videos are by no means easy to make. Producing a video requires some serious time, effort, and money. And depending on how complicated your video is, you might have to spend for video production services.

With the equipment and know-how to, video production companies can help you create web viral videos in the least amount of time possible. However, bear in mind that they can only be effective if you have a great idea or concept, otherwise, they’ll only end up “shooting in the dark”, so to speak.

Web Viral Video

Web Viral Video

If you want to be effective in internet advertising and online marketing, then knowing the ins and outs of video marketing is crucial to doing well in the business. Numerous companies, among them Levi’s, Ray-Ban, Gatorade, and Nintendo, have already made use of web viral video marketing to bolster their presence on the internet, and you too can follow this hot trend with some internet savvy and creativity.

This type of marketing is a highly unique way of promoting your business or product, since most of the time, a web viral video contains unusual content that’s very effective at catching the audience’s attention.

For online marketers new to this trend, it’s important to remember that creating a web viral video is very different from producing a regular TV ad. Remember that people surfing the web have more or less seen it all, so your goal is to pique their interest – something that’s undoubtedly easier said than done.

The creative phase of creating a video can be the hardest, but a web viral video campaign—if done right—can generate a lot of interest, and more importantly, big bucks for your business.

So how do you start? The tried-and-tested method of starting an internet advertising campaign involves making use of video SEO marketing. This method presents numerous advantages to creating an effective web viral video, and can also save you money in the long run.

However, there’s an even simpler way of doing things when promoting your product or business through a web viral video. If you have a large circle of friends, all you need to do is to ask them to forward the video to their friends, and have their friends forward it to their friends, so on and so forth. Advertising ala word-of-mouth style, is still effective today.

Web Video Services

Web Video Services

Numerous companies—both big and small—are already showcasing their products and services on the web, and if you want to have a fighting chance online, then having videos on your website might be your ace in the hole. Approaching a company that provides web video services is a simply solution to your advertising needs. You simply need to provide them with the idea or concept of your video, and they can take care of the technical details.

However, bear in mind that consulting with companies that offer web video services won’t come cheap, and depending on how you want your video, you could easily spend as much as $1,000 and up. Yes, it’s a costly investment, but one that will pay off in the long run.

Most companies that provide web video services will charge by the hour, so it’s important that you have everything laid out to make it easier for them to work on your video. If you have a team behind your website, it pays to agree on an idea before approaching a video production company. Availing of web video services can only be successful if you iron out the details of your video before production starts, so try to think of something creative and unique before taking the plunge, so to speak.

Making use of web video services however, isn’t just limited to business and money-making ventures. Many individuals are approaching video production companies and freelance producers add style to their homemade videos and upload them to the internet. Ever wondered how that friend of yours on Facebook has such a cool video? He/she might have availed of web video services.

Video production is slowly becoming a major business, but remember to approach the right companies and right people so that you don’t end up wasting your money.

Web Site Video

Web Site Video

It’s no secret that having a web site video that highlights your product or services gives you a significant edge over your competition. If you want your online business to be effective and actually make money, then learning the ins and outs of video production can definitely go a long way in reaching your goal.

Making use of a web site video isn’t as complicated as you might think. There are numerous routes you can take in producing your video, and depending on your time and budget constraints, you’re bound to find one that suits your needs. This article will cover a few of these methods.

Your first choice in creating a web site video is by the DIY, or ‘Do It Yourself’ method. If you have the time to read up on video production, and are willing to work with open-source video development tools, then this route can work for you. You can also purchase video production software online to create your web site video if you want to use more advanced effects and techniques. Bear in mind that this approach will require some serious time and effort, so be sure to know what you’re getting yourself into before trying this method out.

But if you’re not into DIY, then having your web site video produced by an independent producer or video production company might be the route that will work for you. Having your work done by a professional/s eliminates the problem of videos that scream “home-video quality”.  Trust the experts to whip you up a high-quality web site video that comes with the bells and whistles sure to impress your target audience.

However, having your video produced by these individuals won’t come cheap, so be ready to cough up some serious cash to avail of their services.

Video Production Company

Video Production Company

If you want to have the best video, or videos, to represent your business or product, then consulting a video production company is a great solution to your needs. These companies are a dime a dozen, so it might take some to find a reputable and efficient company to do your needed work.

To help narrow down your search, there a number of attributes you can look for in selecting a video production company. Good companies will concentrate on the content of your desired video, and not its technical aspect. In other words, a reliable video producer will focus on your story instead of dazzling you with special effects. A good video production company will also pay attention to longevity. If you’re video is too long, it becomes redundant and boring.

You then have to consider if the company you’re consulting with actually wants to include you in the creative process of producing your video. And last but not least, every good video production company will always be willing to provide you with a solution, regardless of your budget.

Working together with professionals from a media company should be a fun experience, and a good video production company will want to include you and your ideas in the creation of your video. Remember that producing a video is a form of art, one that requires creativity and a healthy dose of fun, so try to enjoy the process as much as you can.

Also remember that a video production company needs to have a rough idea of what you want in your video before starting your project. They can chip in a few ideas of course, but most of the planning still needs to be done on your end.

Video On Website

Video On Website

Compared to regular pictures, videos can probably speak a million words. Videos are essentially moving pictures, and are capable of expressing messages far more better than a still image. If you have a portal on the internet for your business or product , then learning how to place a video on website can be a valuable skill.

If you want your customers to know everything about your product or services, then it’s common sense not to describe it using just words or pictures. Videos are without a doubt more interesting for viewers, so having a video on website can give you a significant edge over your competitors. And if your video is creative and has a bit of humour in it, then you’re guaranteed to catch the attention of your website’s visitors.

Having a video on website is by no means a new idea. Numerous site owners have already benefited from the great effects of having video media on their websites. The difficulty of producing a video will largely depend on your idea and concept. The simpler your video on website is, the faster and cheaper it is to make. Bear in mind that the best videos on the internet are short, but catchy. So try not to “overdo” things.

However, if you want a more elaborate video on website with effects and all the bells & whistles, then you can always approach a video production company. The professionals working with these companies will produce you a video that’s a clear notch above home-made quality. You can also be specific with your video on website, and if you approach the right company, you can even get some great advice on improving the idea behind your video.

Video For Web

Video for web

With video-sharing sites such as YouTube becoming a part of our daily lives on the web, it’s pretty safe to say that video is slowly taking over as the most popular media format on the internet. If you own a business or frequently dabble in e-commerce, knowing how to create video for web gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors who are gunning after the same market as you are.

Unfortunately, not too many people—most notably small business owners—know the ins and outs of creating or producing video for web. After all, much of their time is spent looking after the business and making sure it actually makes money.

Using the power of video isn’t as hard most people think. These days, there are numerous tools and programs on the internet that make the process of video for web marketing easier than ever before. In addition, many of the tools needed to produce videos are now free!

Of course, we’re not saying that creating a video for your business is a breeze. Like most advertising techniques used by businesses in the past, using video for web still requires some careful planning and creativity. The last thing you want is to promote your business with a cheesy video that’s cheap and plain “amateurish”. You first need to come up with an idea or concept behind your video. Remember that creating video for web need not be an expensive venture. The best ads on the internet are simple, but leave a lasting impression.

If your goal is to upload your video on YouTube, then your video for web needs to be unique – something that’s never been seen before. Once you have an idea in place, you’ll find that the next few pieces to your goal will start to fall in place.

Video For The Web

Video For The Web

If you’re looking to increase the traffic and value of your website, then one of the best ways to do it is to learn how to create a video for the web. Internet videos not only provide a means for your target audience or market to know more about what your product or business has to offer, they also give you an edge over your competitors – more so if the video is unique and creative.

Creating video for the web is not as complicated a process as most people think. Not surprisingly, video production must first start with an idea. Only then can a solution be effective. However, if you feel that your desired video is too elaborate for your skills, there are numerous companies willing to produce video for the web at a price. These businesses will cater to the specific needs of their clients, whatever their service or product may be.

And yet even with outside help from service companies, much of the important work behind the creation of video for the web still lies in you, the client’s, hands. After coming up with an idea, you then have to plan and develop your desired ad copy. Once you have a concept written down, you can then take your idea to the video producer, so that he can “translate” it into video for the web.

When you finally have your material, you can now upload it to your site, or share it with a larger audience at YouTube.com. This is an effective means of widening your reach and drawing in prospective visitors to your business.

Remember that your video for the web doesn’t need to be long. Keep it snappy and short, and add a clever dose of creativity here and there if you want.

Internet Video Production

Internet video production

Internet video production is a hot concept that’s generating a lot of buzz among business owners all over the country today. With high-speed internet how widely available, the video format has become one of the main avenues to draw in and communicate with customers, both old and new alike. Internet video production is an interesting idea, largely because film has always been captivating. People these days want to be entertained with moving images while surfing the net, and for those shopping online, nothing can be more interesting than an interactive video showing the products or services they’re looking for.

This is where internet video production comes in. It’s worth noting that the best videos on the Internet today are not  the longest, usually only stretching from 30 to 60 seconds. The time needed to produce a video however, is a totally different story. The first and most overlooked step in internet video production is to come up with a message or concept to your video. If you have a team, then you need to make sure you all agree on a single idea.

You then have to come up with the money needed to produce a video. Internet video production can be costly, so be sure to be able to pay for it, especially if you’re doing work for a client.

But when it comes right down to it, having an idea that’s not only good but workable is your ticket to success. You can’t begin the process of internet video production if you don’t have an idea to start with. And no, “winging it” won’t accomplish anything. Draw up an idea, play around with it in your mind—or minds, if you’re a team—and imagine how you’re going to present it to an audience.

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