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AMANO Tongue Cleanser

I am very excited to be able to share this with you, our readers. It has been in my head for months. In fact, it was just before Christmas, 2013 when I first spoke to Mano, our lovely client. Ok, before I continue, I will always be biased of somebody that sends me 6 bottles of his favourite wine for simply doing our job but Mano really was an outstanding customer. The reason for the delayed post is simply because the product had not launched yet. So I’ve had to wait, like a kid at Christmas, to show you these two outstanding videos.

This first video is their general explanation video which talks about all the different uses for the Amano Tongue Cleanser. It includes a 2001/Star Wars-esque opening sequence and a few ‘celebs’ on the way. I really hope you enjoy.

I’m always certain that we make our best videos when we are left to use our creativity alongside the clients passion for their product. It’s what works, and always will work. So, without further ado, here is what is now (and probably always will be) my favourite explanation video. It’s simple, amusing and above all doesn’t take itself too seriously. And of course, Rosko’s voiceover is absolutely perfect.

Well, there we have it. 2 explanation videos that have made it to a blog post. Both for the same company as well. I don’t often ask for comments but it would be great to hear your thoughts on these. Did you like them? What did you like about them? Did they make you laugh?

Thanks to all that support us, recommend us and generally follow what we do. If not for you, then we wouldn’t have a business (but that’s another blog post for another day).


Marc, Ailsa and Helen.

White Board Craft Videos

White Board Craft Videos

White board craft videos are a distinct form of videos using hand craft illustrations. White board craft videos are wonderful to view as they are combined with live video and give a classroom like feel.

What Are White Board Craft Videos?

Most of you would have come across YouTube videos created by sites like iVillage. An instructor will stand in front of a white board and explain the concept related to the video just like a teacher explains it to the students, drawing using a marker in the white board.
These are called white board videos. White board craft videos are which the instructor use small hand crafted illustrations on a white board instead of drawing on their own. There are many videos like this. One simple example is the weather forecasting video we see usually.

How Are They Useful?

The reason behind the instant hit of whiteboard videos is their similarity to a classroom teaching. The same reason applies to white board craft videos also. Hand craft videos are very simple and attractive as they represent simple day to day objects and shape which any one can create easily.

When a person actually uses these images instead of their own scribbling on the white board to explain the concept it becomes even more attractive. Many people watch the video fully, just for the sake of these simple hand crafted figures.

For some strange reason these animations are preferred by most people than the colorful and complex figure animations created using flash and other software. Since these videos are viewed by many people they increase the traffic to the website they substitute, describe the product clearly, hereby increasing the sales of the product.
White board craft videos are as complex as producing hand craft videos. They require lot of technical skill as well as clear planning. One company producing excellent quality white board craft videos is The Cuillin Collective. They make custom hand craft videos as well as attractive which can help the any business.

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Video Style

Video Style

The term ‘Video style’ refers to various forms of videos available in the internet. The most common video style used to promote a product is voice over marketing video or video ad. Apart from them we have other forms like testimonial videos, viral videos, documentaries and many more.

Voice Over Marketing Video

The voice over marketing video style is the most widely used one to promote a product in YouTube and in other websites. This video style usually consists of simple graphics, with the product image, suitable caption, music and a voice in background. It is very similar to normal TV advertisement and is usually two to three minutes long. These videos can be seen for nearly all the commercial products.

Video Ad

Video ad style is used to promote the product in a very short span of time, usually 30 seconds. Video ad's will contain small flash animations with music or background voice. Lot of creativity and attractive design is necessary to make video vds a success.

Testimonial Video

Testimonial video style is the latest buzz in the industry. It is the simple technique of using ‘today’s customer to create tomorrow’s customer’. Customers already using a particular product will give their positive reviews on the existing product. Most of the time people refer to sites like Amazon and other review sites to know about the product they are about to purchase.

Modern day customers have a tendency to believe the unknown people’s comments and reviews better than the advertisements. Testimonial video style tends to influence the product’s sales to a considerable level for this reason.

Viral Video

Viral video style is used to market the product through email or other community sites. The main verbatim of the viral video is that it should be attractive, make a person laugh or shock them and kindle them to share it with other friends.

Documentary Video

Documentary video style is an elaborate way of explaining a certain concept or company or a product. Such videos are losing popularity in the modern day world. But they are used extensively when it comes to educational and social awareness videos. They can last for about 30 minutes, and explain the concepts they deal with in a detailed way.

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The Craft of Video Making

The Craft of Video Making

The craft of video making is simple and unique. Instead of using real videos and small animations the craft of video making a Cuillin Craft style video uses hand drawn images. For example if it’s a weather report, the person will be shot separately and the background will be simple handcrafted crayon or pencil illustrations of sun, rain and cloud.

The craft of video making using Cuillin Craft is designed and monitored by a group of professional people with good experience in viral video making. The Cuillin Collective produces great viral videos for clients with various requirements. They use industry standard Apple and Adobe tools to create specialized hand craft videos.
These hand craft illustrations make the videos much more attractive than the usual high graphical backgrounds. The craft of video making in The Cuillin Collective has become an instant hit because of this unique style. There are so many different varieties of handcraft illustrations like the white board method, common hand craft method and other customised methods.

The craft of video making in The Cuillin Collective uses all these methods to produce attractive videos. They have created so many videos using this hand craft illustrations. Some videos feature only free hand drawings changed frequently with a hand, while other features a video of a person speaking with the images of hand drawn objects in background.
Some videos feature animated hand craft illustrations flying around the person in the video too. White board hand craft illustrations are also created for corporate and business needs. In short, the craft of video making makes use of all possible standard technologies to make the video attractive, distinct and presentable.

The Cuillin Collective specialises in producing viral videos using handcraft illustrations. These videos have earned a lot of visits for numerous websites and increased the sales of numerous products. The Cuillin Collective has established itself as one of the greatest companies for shooting and creating viral hand craft videos.

The craft of video making from The Cuillin Collective has inspired so many others to create similar videos. But the craft of video making in The Cuillin Collective is unique and can be executed professionally only by professionals at The Cuillin Collective.

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Hand Craft Videos

Hand Craft Videos

Many of us would wonder what hand craft videos are. Hand craft videos use small child like drawings of objects drawn on a white sheet using crayons or pencils to deliver the message. These images would be placed continuously on a video delivering the message. Sometimes they will be animated. Sometimes they are just bits of papers placed by a hand one after another.

Hand crafted illustrations occur as background or around the actual video of a person speaking as shown in weather reports commonly. Apart from that they are used for various other forms of animations also. For example in hand craft videos featuring a tooth paste, we can see so many small drawings of teeth, cavities and tooth brushes scribbled in a childish format.

These animations can be seen swirling around the baby or babe in the advertisement or appear one by one in the background. Every one of us would have come across one or other hand craft videos like this. But we would't have noticed much about it. Many of them would have thought it as another form of graphics. This format of videos featuring hand craft illustrations are known as hand craft videos.

We have very few companies specializing in shooting this style of hand craft videos. The team capable of shooting hand craft videos should have excellent graphic artists capable of recreating day to day images in a childish scribble. The team should be experienced in building a script suitable to use the hand crafted illustrations appropriately in the video.

They should also have the right technology to mix the real time video and the animated hand illustrations together to give a realistic and attractive effect. Hence many companies don't choose to create these type of graphics. They try to use simple flash graphics instead. The Cuillin Collective is an excellent company which excels in shooting hand craft videos.

They produce excellent videos which catch the attention of the user very easily and market them widely and efficiently to earn maximum business to the client. Their videos make sure the required website gets lot of traffic through them.

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Explanatory Company Videos

Benefits Your Business Can Get from Explanatory Company Videos

To best explain your concept or product, your business can use explanatory company videos in attracting prospective customers. Unlike other types of videos that you see on the internet, explanatory company videos incorporate animation techniques which appeal to the target market because of the clarity of the message.

Any business, whether big or small, can benefit from explanatory company videos. When produced by video experts, like our reliable team at The Cuillin Collective, you can stand out from a huge crowd of competitors because you are informing your visitors while entertaining at the same time. Aside from the guarantee that you can explain your product or concept simply and effectively, these videos can also eliminate the boredom and inspire visitors to stay longer and see what your site has to offer.

Created for Federal Energy Incentives

Explanatory company videos have the power to engage potential clients more than any kind of written content can possibly achieve. It is definitely an effective approach in establishing your company’s credibility and improves brand awareness. Explanatory company videos can create a major impact to your marketing campaign and boost the performance of your website in search engine rankings.

It is not enough to differentiate your website from your competitors simply by putting a simple video because videos are rampant on the World Wide Web. However, if you will use explanatory company videos to promote your site, you will have a competitive edge by using videos that are geared towards a marketing campaign which is education based.

When you employ relevant videos in making your site more interesting to your online viewers, the best way to go is to educate people. You can easily grab the attention of your potential clients because they won’t get bored reading content on your site but instead the graphics and animations will do a good job in sharing information in a unique manner.

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Explanatory Company Video

A lot of websites have joined the trend of using videos to attract more viewers. However, not all videos are successful in their attempt to make visitors stay longer on the site. If you want your marketing campaign to work, the best possible approach that you can use is an explanatory company video.

When using videos for your website, and essential element that you can incorporate is educating your online viewers and increasing their level of awareness in your product or service. The most effective medium for this purpose is the explanatory company video which has been proven to appeal to customers more than any other types of video or marketing campaign strategies. By posting an impressive and informative explanatory company video on your website, you will more likely become the logical choice for your potential clients.

The video experts at The Cuillin Collective can help in creating an explanatory company video that would answer the right questions your prospective customers may have in mind about your products or services. This kind of video, when produced to deliver quality information will surely bring about positive results to your business.

An explanatory company video never fails to enhance the appeal of the existing features of your website. Aside from attracting visitors, it can also boost customer’s knowledge especially if you highlight the relevant information thereby eliminating the need for clients to research information on their own.

On the internet, you will find a multitude of businesses which are promoting their goods or services in a similar manner. By using an explanatory company video, you will be able to separate your site from the throng of competitors and break the monotony of ordinary campaign media. You will see the favorable results in no time if you will get the services of the best video producers around.

Custom Made Craft Videos

Custom Made Craft Videos

Custom made craft videos are created for specific organisations to explain their goals and products. The best examples are power saving videos and financial custom made craft videos.

What are custom made craft videos?

Custom made craft videos are the ones designed specifically to explain a specific product like software or a concept.
The video is made of small illustrations drawn by hand. These small figures are scattered and rearranged with a suitable audio message at the background. Custom made craft videos usually do not feature a person. It usually uses a human hand arranging the various bits and pieces of the hand crafted illustrations.

There are certain types of custom made craft videos which actually feature a person talking to us. The animations will be presented at the background. The person on the video will be explaining about it showing the animations. This is usually referred to as white board video.

What are the uses of custom made craft videos?

Custom made craft videos pass on the necessary message in a simple format. Pictorial representation of any concept is much easier to understand than a normal one. The best way to show pictures in videos is through hand craft images. These images look like simple child drawings. But these simple boxes and circles can be used to explain complex technologies like beginning of space, aircraft engineering and so on.
This is the best way to explain about a product. If you want to explain about a product in a simple video a person should show literally how to use it accompanied by lot of explanation. But look at the example video above which explains about Microsoft’s Share Point software. It does so in the simplest way such that even a child could understand what the use of the software is.

Such is the power of a good custom made hand craft video. But it takes lot of tedious work and planning to make it as simple as it looks. Hence companies making such videos are hard to find. One such company making excellent custom craft videos is The Cuillin Collective.

Cuillin Craft Style

Cuillin Craft Style is a unique and cost effective way of creating impressive web videos.

The Cuillin Collective produces many styles of videos ranging from Cuillin Craft explanation videos to high end 3D/CGI graphics. In addition to creating videos we help the client in marketing the videos.

This Elgol based company creates custom made web videos based on the requirement of the clients.

Cuillin Craft Style

Cuillin Craft style videos are very simple to look at and are very cost effective. There are a very few companies producing custom made hand craft videos. The once that do, charge more the 100% more than what we do.

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