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I occasionally review products on here but they all have a relevance to our business so this may seem a little odd. Meet the Arcido bag. In its most basic form, it’s a bag that meets the requirements of air travel companies. Sounds boring right? Please read further.

When I go on vacation, which is not as often as I’d like, I always bring a tablet, laptop, at least one DLSR camera and a host of other essentials. My primary concern with this is how safe my equipment is going to be when being thrown about on planes, hire cars etc. Our laptop has already been damaged on a bus journey (pre-Arcido of course) so it’s always on my mind.

This is where the Arcido comes into play. I’m sure it’s also brilliant for the jet setter who only travels with soft toys, but for us who travel with tech, it’s essential. To start with, it’s waterproof which is great when travelling at home in Scotland. It’s also got dedicated tablet storage behind the straps so it sits against your back; so no chance of it being stolen (or even found for that matter). The Arcido bag has a removable laptop harness which is padded so you can say goodbye to your laptop case; saving lots of space and weight in your travel bag. And it’s a doddle to carry around with the two padded straps (which I only found on my return flight)

Overall, the Arcido bag is one of a kind. I’ve seen other bags purpose made for photographers and videographers but they are really just focused on that type of traveller rather than what I am. I love travelling home and abroad with the family so I need that all round bag.

Please check out the bag on Amazon. It’s an absolute steal at £160. I invested early in the Kickstarter campaign so got mine for £85. I’ve just bought another two because they really are that good.
I’ll take this back to our business now 🙂 As a Kickstarter video production company, we keep a close eye on what’s fresh in the world of crowdfunding campaigns and we see products fail more than we do succeed. The main question that we get asked is “What makes a product fail or succeed?” The Arcido bag is a great example of how to run a campaign but also a brilliant example on how to build a product. As you’ll see by my review, it’s extraordinarily well built and the quality of materials match. The campaign clearly demonstrates how Will has cared for and evolved the product. This is exactly the way to create a campaign.

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