About The Cuillin Collective

Being such a personal, friendly business means that we want you to know our story. We know that if you find out about us and the creation of The Cuillin Collective then it will help you to understand our ethos and encourage you to work with us.

The Cuillin Collective is owned and operated by ourselves, husband and wife team Marc and Ailsa Smith. We have been a couple for 10 years now and have both been involved in video production, illustration and many other media-related activities for around the same length of time. Working various jobs while still pursuing as many creative jobs and projects as possible, we decided to hatch a plan to make our dreams of running a business into a reality.

While we were working on this plan, we were spending what time we could exploring our lovely country. One place - the beautiful Isle of Skye - stuck in our minds and we found ourselves visiting again and again, often

camping near Elgol. We fell in love with the surroundings and 3 years ago decided that we were going to make the island our home. At the same time as all of this, we were working hard to combine both of our talents into a business which we knew we could be successful with and in October of 2009, we officially formed The Cuillin Collective. Although we had been running a business together for some time, we had now fully honed-in on exactly what our business was going to be.

We became Mr and Mrs Smith in May 2011, and moved to our dream location of Elgol on the Isle of Skye the weekend of our wedding to begin married life together.

Our business, The Cuillin Collective, is named after the breathtaking range of rocky mountains which surround us. Even before we lived in Elgol, we stated our love for The Isle of Skye in our business name. Why not have a look around Elgol here?

Now, some may think that a small, peaceful island in Northern Scotland is an unusual place to run a busy media business from? Not us! We find that the surroundings feed our creativity and our business has thrived since we made the move. To us, a small village with spectacular views is the perfect setting for our business to be based. We speak to all of our lovely clients around the world by various methods and have never once found this to be a stumbling block.

We share our office with three special members of our family; Oz our beloved rabbit, Buddy the rescue lurcher and the latest addition to our family Aly a retired greyhound, whom we met through the Skye Retired Greyhound Trust. The three of them usually spend the day relaxing while we are hard at work, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. On our lunch breaks, we take the dogs for walks nearby and on our days off we enjoy our surroundings exploring the beaches and mountains on this wonderful island.

So now that you know our story, you will know just how much our business means to us. Our business is our life and the fact that we care about The Cuillin Collective so much means we put our heart and soul into every project that we take on. We hope that this will make you feel part of our story and we can’t wait to work with you.


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