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This style of video is a blend between live action and animation.
When creating this style of video, we like the animation to become apart of the story and not just a simple overlay. It takes a lot of time and skill to motion track and rotoscope these animation into the videos but it's absolutely worth it. A 90 second to 2 minutes live action/animation video takes between 30 create 50 hours to create.


This video is a Digicraft explainer video.
These videos have the ability to be unique. The only limitations to these 2D videos is our imagination. Luckily, we've got plenty of that! There is no set style when it comes to Digicrafts.
We are often asked what is our signature style but can never answer. We don't have one. We create each video based on it's own merits. Every video we create is fully bespoke.

Kickstarter Video Production

Although a lot of our portfolio is animation, we also offer Kickstarter video production/live action. This is example is for the Waffle Watch which was funded by over 300%. The video is the first thing to be seen on the campaign page so it's important that it's fully thought through.

Napa Auto Parts

This video is what we call a Handcraft explainer video.
These Handcrafts are a back to basics approach at explanation. They fit well with most subjects and was perfect for Napa explaining their new software. Our engagement graphs indicate that they have just a high an engagement rate as our other styles. These videos generally take around 3-4 weeks to produce.

Smarter Services



We specialise in creating smarter animated explanation video/explainer videos for companies large and small.  Click here to see our explainer video prices.



We offer a large range of smarter design services. All created by our in house design team. From website design, graphic design to logo design & illustration 



We have been producing high end film content for the web since 2009. If you want to showcase your product, then live action films can sky rocket your brand to the masses. 

Work Smarter

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We’ve proudly made more than 1,000 videos for clients from all over the globe and if there is one thing we have learned is that everybody needs their films to work for them. Be it an explainer, Kickstarter video or a live action film; it needs to engage and convert. This is quite obvious, right? Well, how do you know your video engages and converts?

Metrics MatterMetrics Matter 2

This is why we’re introducing our new service called ‘Metrics Matter’ Why? Because metrics matter, that’s why.

How does it work? Much like A/B testing a website page, we A/B test your video and determine a winner based upon the engagement and conversion metrics. This service can be added when purchasing your video. 



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